Unfortunately, I wouldn’t recommend Dashwoods Coffee. Expensive, poor quality and microwaved food was served, only slightly saved by the semi-decent desserts they had on offer.

We love supporting small businesses, particularly in hard times like these. That’s why when we saw this cute little cafe in Milton-under-Wychwood, we thought we would pop in. Granted, during Covid, we expected things to be a little different, but fundamentality the food was bad. Most of the menu was not available leaving us only with the option to eat a panini or cheese on toast.

The panini was microwaved and thus soggy, yet stiff and was hard to chew. The cheese on toast was better, with fresh bread of the local bakery being used, but was nothing to shout about. The cakes were good, but not worth travelling for.

For bikers, this is not a great place to stop for a bite. There is hardly any space to put your gear, you have to park awkwardly in town and the food isn’t worth the price. Having said all this, we did end up having a drink in the pub (The Hare)  5 doors down, in order to use a lavatory, and we would definitely recommend it. We should have started there all along!


Shipton Rd, Milton-under-Wychwood, Chipping Norton OX7 6JH

Website | https://www.facebook.com/dashwoodscoffee/

Price | ££