Christmas is coming! Despite 2020 feeling rather eternal, we have officially reached that time of the year when we get together with loved ones and inevitably share presents. To make your life easier, we have put together this gift ideas for bikers. With this list, you cannot go wrong!

Scottoiler eSystem

First on the list- Scottoiler. If you don’t know Scottoiler and you have a chain, you are missing out! This little add-on will make your life easier and your chain last longer. Once setup, the Scottoiler will continue lubricating your chain to make sure it is always ready for a ride! It also makes cleaning it easier as the oil it uses is thinner and doesn’t stick everywhere as much. You can see Natalia’s thoughts here.

Keisters J501 Heated jacket

Next up is heated gear, most definitely the best presents I have ever given Natalia!There is a wide range of heated gear on the market but not all of it is motorcycle specific. It is worth mentioning, when you buy motorcycle specific gear you get what you pay for. Motorcycle specific gear will have larger heat panels, especially where your body is most exposed to the elements. Keis is our preferred choice for heated gear. You can check Natalia’s review of the Keis heated insoles and the Keis J501 Premium Heated Jacket.

OptiMate 4

Not only you get cold, your motorcycle does too! A cold motorcycle, is not happy, especially parts like the battery. This is why it is key to keep the battery well maintained. For this, we use OptiMate. The OptiMate 4 is perfect whether you want to connect it directly to the battery or, like we do, or through the din socket in a BMW. This latest model is compatible with the CAN-bus system on BMW bikes.

Lone Rider MotoBags

For the best motorbike tent or great luggage for your bike, Lone Rider has something for every adventure rider. We use the Lone Rider MotoTent, the MotoBags and their Headlight guard on our BMW R1250GSA.

Oxford Alpha XA14 disc lock

As you may have read, one of our bikes got stolen not long ago. This brings us to the last gift idea, an alarmed disc lock! Sadly, this time we didn’t have ours on (I know, I know… big mistake) but if we had, it would have been more difficult for the thieves to steal the bike as the the alarm would have alerted us and we could have stopped the theft. Our preferred choice is the Oxford Alpha XA14 which has a 14mm pin compared to other brands that only have a 6mm one. You can also get the Oxford Quartz XA10 Alarmed Disc Lock which has a 10mm pin in case 14mm is too big for your brake discs.

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Merry Christmas!