Let’s keep developing our skills with one more video! Today, we are looking at finding the balance point of our bike.

Balance is crucial on a motorcycle because it’s not only required when moving but also when stationary. On a bicycle we usually start with stabilisers, but that option is not available with motorcycles. So, what are can you do?

It is key to get to know your bike and familiarise yourself with it. Even if it is a bike that you are borrowing for a test ride or from a friend. Learning where the balance point of that bike is will help you. Personally, this is a routine I go through with any bike I am not familiar with, before riding it.

Put your bike in first gear and on its side stand. Start from the side stand side until you are comfortable. By doing this, you make sure the bike will never fall on top of you. Push the bike slightly using two hands until you find its balance point. Put it back on its side stand and repeat until you are comfortable finding the sweet spot. Once you have this spot, try the other side and try walking around the bike keeping it on its balance point.

When people ask me about a bike’s weight, I always say the same: nothing when it is upright! All the weight should be supported by the tyres, we just have to make sure the bike is perfectly balanced. This is why this exercise is so important.

This exercise is a perfect practise during this lockdown period 👍

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