Since BMW Motorrad first announced, back in November 2017, that they were launching a new F750GS and F850GS, everyone has been hot on their feet to see what they would be like. As we keenly waited for them to be revealed in April 2018, the launch got postponed to May. Finally, in May we got a true glimpse and these two beauties- they look smart and elegant, yet powerful, and demand attention on the road.

Iñigo and I were incredibly excited to test ride the F850GS and F750GS, respectively, on launch day. In fact, click here to see Iñigo’s thoughts on the F850GS. Being so limited with the bikes I can ride, due to my height, I was terribly keen to sit on the F750GS. This bike is shorter than the F700GS and thus I suspected it could be a good option for me, as I wish to move onto bigger and more touring comfortable bikes. Provided I could reach the floor, with the low seat, it looked like the F750GS could be my next bike!

Doesn’t it look good?

Unfortunately, at the launch, were told that the F750GS could not be test ridden. None of the bikes had be registered and there was going to be a delay in test riding them. I suspect that anyone who has tried at other dealerships, has faced the same problem. As I was in no rush, I asked my dealership to let us know when they would be available. Nearly two months on, my little Honda CBF500 has got poorly, and so this morning I contacted BMW, via Facebook, to see whether they could tell me where I could find a F750GS low seat to test ride. Promptly, I received a response from the Social Media Team:

“I’m afraid that at this time, the production of F750 GS models has been put on hold, in order to correct some reported issues with the engines. This means that our centres aren’t taking orders for these bikes, and unfortunately, there aren’t any available for test riding. I’ve been advised that the production hold shouldn’t last for too long, but I don’t have definitive time frame as to when it will be available to order.”

Naturally, this is quite disappointing as I was so keen to try the bike. Having said that, I must commend BMW for how seriously they take their customers safety. They have discovered a fault in the production of the model, which could cause problems to customers, and have decided to halt the launch, test rides, purchasing and production of the model. This must be costing them a bomb, but they have done so to protect riders and prevent greater problems- Bravo! There is a part of me that truly believes many other brands would not do this.

Copyright of all photos: BMW Motorrad website.

Although BMW have recalled all the F750GSs, I cannot wait to test ride one when everything is sorted. I think the bike is good looking and having sat on one at Bahnstomer Maidenhead, I can reach the floor pretty well! Here is hoping that in a few months, I will be posting a review on this magnificent machine! For now, here is a teaser of the model.