I have previously written about how hard it can be to find good fitting motorcycle gear for women, particularly jeans. However, when it comes to leather, I think both men and women struggle. I was told that Hideout Leather was the only way forward and since owning a pair of their made-to-measure leather trousers, it is clear why the Mission Impossible crew asked these ladies to create all the suits.

Hideout Leather at the Motorcycle Live show in Birmingham.

In my opinion, a good pair of leather motorcycle trousers should not only ensure you are fully protected, but also allow a woman to ooze sexiness, make her feel good and accentuate her figure. Kate, at Hideout, understands this perfectly and her knowledge of leather; the way it sits, the way it feels and how it can empower a biker, is innate. Right from the first fitting she had a design in mind, that took into account my likes and dislikes, which she had remembered from when I had bought jeans- she knew what I felt comfortable with. Kate has an eye for which parts of the body to enhance and a passion for leather. Her professional manner makes measurement taking fun and ideas on what parts to hide away, easy.

Perfect match for the BMW R nineT Scrambler.

Kate measured me twice (once with the boots I would be wearing the leathers with) before producing the final product, which due to my university term dates were scheduled quite far apart. However, had this not been the case, the trousers would have been produced within a couple of months, considering how quickly I was being told we were through to the next stage.

Stretch panels in the inside for extra comfort.

On the day of collection, Kate warned me that I would find it rather hard to get into the trousers and that the first ride would be slightly โ€˜painfulโ€™. She was indeed right, but roughly 5 rides later, I can confirm that the leather has relaxed and sits as comfortably as my jeans. I am free to move around yet feel encased in these hard-wearing trousers that are fitted with knee and hip protections. Putting on my boots is easy, with the zip at the bottom of the leg opening widely.


I am extremely happy with these trousers. They make me feel like a sexy biker chick and empower me. For the first time ever, I actually want to show off my figure. There is no denying that the first few rides were slightly uncomfortable; I may have timed my toilet breaks to ensure I could take the trousers off in time! But, now that I am used to how they fit and they have adapted to my body, I prefer them to my jeans! When it comes to leather, Hideout know what they are doing. I trust them 100%.

This July we are organising a ride out to Hideout, commencing at The Heath Cafe, Royston. Hideout will be offering all those who attend the ride, 10% OFF BRANDED SHOP ITEMS!! For more information click here, or to be part of this FREE, exciting new day out, all you have to do is sign up here. But, spaces are limited so, be quick!